Making art and social design is my passion.

After studying Cultural Anthropology and Cultural Science I followed a course at Rietveld academy, and recently joined artgroup Artless.

After a period of physical discomfort, being confronted with new boundaries I was forced to keep quiet…resulting in having the attention to actually watch…The nature in my small city garden turned into a true microcosmos which I feel lucky to explore.

In my work I treat natural materials and man-made materials as equal. I combine leaves and plastics to find out what happens when you do (plastification of plants) and am not afraid to use seemingly contrasting materials as I create a new order from it.

We can’t easily get rid of all the plastics, so why not make exciting art out of it!

I’m interested in natural processes and most of the time I use daily materials I find in my home and on the streets.

For the last months I have been working on some 3D designs at 3D Design Academy. More soon!

Also I have developed a new fascination for balloons..

I work by commission and am always interested in exhibiting my work, so feel free to contact me.

Also I can do your creative photoshop jobs.

Please share your ideas!


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